Wartune hack v2.1 2013 [UPDATE][OCTOBER]


Wartune hack v2.1 2013 [UPDATE][OCTOBER]

Wartune is a hybrid of RPG and Strategy games. In the RPG portion, players take the role of a Knight, Mage or Archer, and lead 2 legions of Mercenaries through a fantasy-based plotline with modern 2.5D graphics, winning battles and finding treasure to accumulate experience, gold, and various other resources (such as Daru and Kyanite). In the strategy portion, players upgrade Buildings (costs Gold and has cooldown timer), and collect resources.
Wartune has loads of features, but Level locked. As an MMO, the game has several multiplayer activities, such as World Bosses(Lv 20), cooperative multiplayer adventuring(Lv20), PVP battles(Lv 13), small-scale battles over gold mines and minor looting attacks on other players’ cities.

Wartune hack v2.1 2013 [UPDATE][OCTOBER] Steps

1. Open Wartune hack v2.1 2013

2. Write your username on first text box

3. Choose what type of browser you use

4. Choose what items want to add to your account

5. Click the button add

6. All the items is added to your account.


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